Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beer Club VICTORY!

Ahhhh!  We finally got our 25 beers for the Mellow Mushroom Beer Club!  Hello Koozies!

#24: New Belgium Ranger IPA.  With the Fat Tire craze that has swept the south over the past year, we thought we'd give another New Belgium brew a try.  Two thumbs up!

#25!!!!!  RED OAK!!!!  We knew we were gonna save one of our all-time favorites for the big 2-5 and here it is...RED OAK.  Yay!  It was hard not to order my go-to beer every time I went to the Mellow Mushroom, but it was fun sampling all kinds of new things! 

So there you have it, friends!  25 beers for the Winston-Salem Mellow Mushroom Beer Club!  
Here is a quick re-cap of our journey....
(it's also fun to see the evolution of Trey's facial hair over the past few months...from no beard to beard to no beard)


beautifulbrian said...

How come you guys didnt go to any of the eating places i recommended? Bad news. No Krystal squareoff this year

HungrySisters said...

Most of the places we ended up going to were close to where our hotel was. We'll be back, though! Krystal!?
That is sad :(

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