Friday, May 23, 2008

So here I am, sitting in the Business and Economic Development of Lincolnton, NC in my cozy little office doing unpaid work. I don't mind the unpaid part because: a) I suppose it will help me in the future. b) although gas is expensive, I only live approximately five minutes away, and could ride my bike if i wanted. c) I've gotten a few free meals, and will get another today. and most importantly: d) I am helping to organize the eating competitions for the 8th annual Hog Happenin'!

These competitions are no where on par with the IFOCE or AICE however, they will be great. As of right now, I am working on getting local restaurants to donate food to be gurgitated. My predictions of food will be: pizza, hot wings, hot dogs and pies. There will be two sets of competitions, one on friday june 6 at 8, and one on saturday june 7 time tba.

I still need to work on my hot dog eating skills for Myrtle Beach on June 21st!!!
I have to go now...
More to come later!