Thursday, December 31, 2009

2k10 GOALS!

In the spirit of keeping up with our tradition...well I guess our 'every other year' tradition (2008 Goals) we've compiled a list of our goals for the new year.

10 goals for 2010
This year we hope to...

1: BLOG MORE (yes, we have been slackers lately)

2: Take a sisters trip back to Coney Island for the 4th. After attending last years festivities, we can't imagine spending our Nation's birthday any other way!

3: Attend the Lexington BBQ Festival

4: Be Krystal Bunnettes again

5: Go to Hickory Hops...beerfest!

6: Attempt the Big Cow Pile Ice Cream Challenge. Who knew that LINCOLNTON of all places had an eating challenge!?!?!?!?!?! And an ICE CREAM CHALLENGE?!? We are so there.

7: Celebrate Jamie's 21st Birthday in true HungrySisters style: a day of gamblin' and a night of pubcrawlin'/Go to Vegas for Jamie's second 21st birthday party at some point in the year

8: Eat at the Moose Cafe and indulge in everything southern.

9: Join the Mellow Mushroom Beer Club

10: Go to the gym every day to counter all of this food we are apparently going to eat/beer we are going to drink.

10.5: Be young, be foolish, but be happy.