Thursday, December 31, 2009

2k10 GOALS!

In the spirit of keeping up with our tradition...well I guess our 'every other year' tradition (2008 Goals) we've compiled a list of our goals for the new year.

10 goals for 2010
This year we hope to...

1: BLOG MORE (yes, we have been slackers lately)

2: Take a sisters trip back to Coney Island for the 4th. After attending last years festivities, we can't imagine spending our Nation's birthday any other way!

3: Attend the Lexington BBQ Festival

4: Be Krystal Bunnettes again

5: Go to Hickory Hops...beerfest!

6: Attempt the Big Cow Pile Ice Cream Challenge. Who knew that LINCOLNTON of all places had an eating challenge!?!?!?!?!?! And an ICE CREAM CHALLENGE?!? We are so there.

7: Celebrate Jamie's 21st Birthday in true HungrySisters style: a day of gamblin' and a night of pubcrawlin'/Go to Vegas for Jamie's second 21st birthday party at some point in the year

8: Eat at the Moose Cafe and indulge in everything southern.

9: Join the Mellow Mushroom Beer Club

10: Go to the gym every day to counter all of this food we are apparently going to eat/beer we are going to drink.

10.5: Be young, be foolish, but be happy.


beautifulbrian said...

Good luck gals with your new years resolution. I will be in Biloxi Miss for peanut butter and banana contest on Jan 9th to do some Elvis stuff. Most of my songs are on youtube. Happy New Year

xXRainbowSherbertXx said...

Good luck with Your goals!:) they beat mine for sure, lol. Well, Happy New Year!!!:)