Sunday, February 21, 2010

BEER CLUB! part 2

We ordered the same thing each round again...maybe this will be our beer club tradition!?

Beer #4: Brooklyn Brown Ale. Pretty tasty, very smooth, would order it again. Bonus:it was the special for the night so it was a dollar cheaper than the others! I'm thinking a stop at the Brooklyn Brewery next July 4th weekend for a tour/tasting is in order.

Beer #5: Magic Hat #9....'not quite pale ale'. Just okay. I hear people talk about this stuff all of the time & sometimes even see it in the grocery store. It is a little on the sweet/fruity side. Trey really liked it but I probably wouldn't get it again.

Beer #6: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. OMG. If you live anywhere in or around Winston-Salem, you know this beer is a big F-ing deal, so I knew I had to finally taste it during beer club. Foothills, our local brewery, makes it once a year and has a huge release party when they first put it on draft. They also sell it in limited-release bottles and people line up outside for hours to get theirs...and they sell out really quickly--like within a few hours. ahhh it was everything I thought it would be and more. I mean with a name like 'sexual chocolate' how can you go wrong?
Two big thumbs up.

Not in beer club but worth mentioning: Burke St. Pizza garlic knots. Oh lord. After our night of beer sampling, we needed some good greasy food to soak up the booze. Out of all of the foods I've eaten since living in Winston-Salem, I'd have to say that these garlic knots are by far the most delicious thing I've tasted yet. I'm telling you, I have had my fair share of garlic knots and items of the sort, but I have never in my life eaten any so delicious as this (not even in New York). After they take them out of the oven, the pizza makers literally dunk these things in a tub of butter/garlic/parmesan/olive oil while they are still warm. Ohhhhh, it makes me hungry even looking at a picture of them.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Trey and I are officially card-carrying members of the Mellow Mushroom Beer Club. To be in the club you have to drink different draft beers at one Mellow Mushroom location. Once you drink so many different types, you get prizes (a koozie, tshirt, your name on the wall, gift certificates, and most importantly, self gratification and pride). We decided to document our Beer Club adventures so we can remember which brews we like the best for future reference. Follow our journey to Mellow Mushroom Beer Club infamy!

Our first Beer Club night, we decided to order the same thing each round:

Beer #1 to wash down our garlic pretzels: We chose the signature Mellow Mushroom Bogart Pale Ale for our first beer-club-beer. It was delicious! I have never had this before but will get it again once I conquer 99 other types of beer.

Beer #2 & hello, pizza: Battlefield Bock, brewed right down the road in Whisett, N.C. The brother beer to one of my all-time favorites, Red Oak, the Battlefield Bock was one of the better 'dark' beers I've had, with a nice coffee/chocolate aftertaste.

Beer #3 and a happy smiley face: Highland Gaelic Ale...also brewed right down the road in Asheville, NC. Least favorite beer of the night, but still delightfully tasty nonetheless. Would get it again...probably should have had it before the heavier Battlefield Bock.

Check back soon for the next installment of BEER CLUB!

facebook chat.

apparently our lives and conversations revolve around two things: food and big lots.

8:24pm Sadie
i made smores with chocolate cake icing
and it was the bomb dot com

8:24pm Jamie

i got iced oatmeal cookies yesterday at big lots
and i think i just finished the whole package
they are so f'ing good
i havent had them in 4ever

8:25pm Sadie
ohhh gahh i havent had those in yearsss
did u get sunday 20% off at BigLots?
i got it today

8:25pm Jamie
i havent checked yet
but probably.. the guy checking me out told me i would get one this weekend

8:25pm Sadie
it didnt come to my yahoo yet but it came to my hotmail
yesss cereal and soup stock up

8:26:pm Jamie
hell yes
i just went yesterday but i might go back and get more soup

8:26pm Sadie
i'v had 2 of the best tomato soups ever from there this week
one creamy bisque and one organic

8:27pm Jamie
i just had a can of campbells chicken noodle
and it was delish

8:27pm Sadie

8:27pm Jamie
and i got cream of chicken because i've been craving rice and gravy

8:28pm Sadie
oh crap YUM

8:29pm Sadie
i've been making ghetto chicken sandwiches: 4 frozen chicken nuggets on arnold sandwich thins w/a little mayo
so I had a left over BoJ's Honey Mustard on it

8:29pm Jamie
that sounds good

8:30pm Sadie
it is haha

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Food

Woke up to snow this morning, again.

In my 24.5 years of life on this earth I have never seen so much snow as this winter. I mean we were out of school for an entire week because of it. What do you do when you spend an entire week at home, trapped in because of snow? Why you eat, of course! And eat, and eat, and eat some more. I don't even know how many frozen pizzas and pans of cookies/brownies I made over the course of the snow-week. Hello overly-processed foods, goodbye girlish figure. Here is a little sampling of what my snow-week cuisine looks like:

Lunch: Sugar Cookies (which were also consumed for breakfast), Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast, Natural Light. Ya'll: If you have never had creamed beef you really have not lived. I don't even have a recipe to give you, it's just something you involves flour, butter, milk, dried beef, and pepper...and it is heaven.

Supper: Scrambled egg with peppers and onions (finally something of nutritional value!) on a bagel, spicy store-brand funions (onyums or something?), and a little debbie chocolate cupcake. My friends, the little debbie chocolate cupcakes are a fairly new snack cake and they are divine.