Thursday, February 18, 2010

facebook chat.

apparently our lives and conversations revolve around two things: food and big lots.

8:24pm Sadie
i made smores with chocolate cake icing
and it was the bomb dot com

8:24pm Jamie

i got iced oatmeal cookies yesterday at big lots
and i think i just finished the whole package
they are so f'ing good
i havent had them in 4ever

8:25pm Sadie
ohhh gahh i havent had those in yearsss
did u get sunday 20% off at BigLots?
i got it today

8:25pm Jamie
i havent checked yet
but probably.. the guy checking me out told me i would get one this weekend

8:25pm Sadie
it didnt come to my yahoo yet but it came to my hotmail
yesss cereal and soup stock up

8:26:pm Jamie
hell yes
i just went yesterday but i might go back and get more soup

8:26pm Sadie
i'v had 2 of the best tomato soups ever from there this week
one creamy bisque and one organic

8:27pm Jamie
i just had a can of campbells chicken noodle
and it was delish

8:27pm Sadie

8:27pm Jamie
and i got cream of chicken because i've been craving rice and gravy

8:28pm Sadie
oh crap YUM

8:29pm Sadie
i've been making ghetto chicken sandwiches: 4 frozen chicken nuggets on arnold sandwich thins w/a little mayo
so I had a left over BoJ's Honey Mustard on it

8:29pm Jamie
that sounds good

8:30pm Sadie
it is haha

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