Thursday, February 18, 2010


Trey and I are officially card-carrying members of the Mellow Mushroom Beer Club. To be in the club you have to drink different draft beers at one Mellow Mushroom location. Once you drink so many different types, you get prizes (a koozie, tshirt, your name on the wall, gift certificates, and most importantly, self gratification and pride). We decided to document our Beer Club adventures so we can remember which brews we like the best for future reference. Follow our journey to Mellow Mushroom Beer Club infamy!

Our first Beer Club night, we decided to order the same thing each round:

Beer #1 to wash down our garlic pretzels: We chose the signature Mellow Mushroom Bogart Pale Ale for our first beer-club-beer. It was delicious! I have never had this before but will get it again once I conquer 99 other types of beer.

Beer #2 & hello, pizza: Battlefield Bock, brewed right down the road in Whisett, N.C. The brother beer to one of my all-time favorites, Red Oak, the Battlefield Bock was one of the better 'dark' beers I've had, with a nice coffee/chocolate aftertaste.

Beer #3 and a happy smiley face: Highland Gaelic Ale...also brewed right down the road in Asheville, NC. Least favorite beer of the night, but still delightfully tasty nonetheless. Would get it again...probably should have had it before the heavier Battlefield Bock.

Check back soon for the next installment of BEER CLUB!

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