Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are horrible bloggers

Anybody out there?  We've been MIA in the blogging and eating world for a while now.  I know, I know, we suck.. especially me (Jamie) at this blog, but with good reasoning!  As of this Saturday, I will be a college graduate!  After 16+ years of my life and the past 3 summers being filled with school, and papers, and homework, we will be celebrating, HungrySisters style with a Pub Crawl of all of the finer Asheville establishments.  Did I ever mention that Asheville is BeerCity, USA? I've been spoiled in my adult life by living in such an awesome city with delicious brews.  I live within walking distance of the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company which has delicious food, awesome beer and is a movie theater: the perfect place for a date!  Their Asheville Amber is my absolute favorite beer of all time.  Then there is the French Broad Brewery that I just visited for the first time this past weekend.  (The picture to the right are just about the only type of picture messages sent between Sadie, Carrie and myself).  This is a picture of the ESB, but then after that beer I tried the Porter.  This porter might be in the running for my new favorite beer.  It has a smooth taste of chocolate, and by now you probably know that we LOVE chocolate anything.

Now that I've sufficiently spent time discussing beer, I guess I better get back to the endless process of applying for jobs.  If anyone out there knows of a full time job, anywhere for a business-educated southern lady with a love for food, good beer, economics and crafts please feel free to leave any information as a comment.  I am absolutely serious.