Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming Soon: KSO5

As soon as life gets back to normal and we can get caught up on school and work stuff, we'll post our thoughts/pictures/videos from the Square Off.

Check back in a day or two!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

We're Here!

After a long drive we are finally here at the fabulous Days Inn in Downtown Chattanooga. The gas situation wasn't too bad (thank goodness!) but the rain from Mooresville to Asheville to Newport was kind of annoying...as was the traffic back up outside of Knoxville. But, we are here, our stomachs are full of Krystals from the ride up, and we're ready for a fun night out on the town!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Can we make a 700 mile-round-trip pilgrimage to Krystal during a major gas shortage?

this is just our luck.

EDIT 9/26/08:
Screw the gas shortage. We're going anyway! It might take us forever to get there if we have to wait in a line for 2 hours to get gas, but it will be worth it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bad News/Good News

Bad News:

We didn't win the Chattanooga VIP vacation, however, the people who won seem pretty cool though. I guess we will be back to the ol' Days Inn this weekend instead of the Sheraton :-)

Good News:

I am going to be a Bunnette/Krystal Counter Card Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my God! This is really happening! Yet another reason why I love Krystal!
I emailed Krystal this summer to find out how I could become a bunnette...and I kind of forgot I even did that. Then, I got an email earlier this week from Brian, a Krystal PR dude, saying that he still had my email from this summer and that he had a spot for me as a Krystal Counter.
AHhh! I love this guy and Krystal and I am way excited to do my bunnette duties on Sunday afternoon.

I don't know who I'll be counting for yet, but if I find out before the contest, I'll be sure to let you know. Don't forget to watch Sunday at 2:00 on FSN!

Jamie, Trey, and I have decided to ditch school/work on Friday and head on up to Chattanooga and actually do some touristy things this year instead of driving up one night and coming home the next day. Hopefully there will be gas in Tennessee, but if we get stranded and have to miss another day of work, I don't think I'll be too sad.

See ya in Chatty!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reasons to be excited for the Krystal Square Off...

  • THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND is playing there. Krystal, you got it right this time. I wasn't really feeling the opening band last year, but this year will rule.

  • Chattanooga is the best town ever. The city provides free public transportation!

  • There is nothing better than a Tennessee night in the fall.

  • The Days Inn has a Krystal view!

  • Takeru Kobayashi. Our lifelong goal of seeing him in real life will finally be achieved.

  • FREE KRYSTALS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


School started last week and it was nice having that light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that at 3:00 on Friday, I'd be leaving school to go to Myrtle Beach. The trip down was nice, and once we got through Charlotte, traffic wasn't bad at all. We didn't get to North Myrtle until it was dark, though, so we just rode around and looked at stuff on the way to our destination. Much to the delight of the boys, our aunt's new beach house was about a 5 minute walk from the Crazy Horse. Anyway, by the time we got to the house, everyone was tired so we all just went to bed.

Saturday was the big day of the contest/festival so we tried to get to Market Common around noon. The Market Common is this fairly new complex with like condos and restaurants and bars and apartments and stuff, and I'd never been before so it was fun to see what all new things had been built. We walked around the festival some and smelled a lot of BBQ being cooked, but it was just too dang hot to walk around for a long time...so we went into Roy and Sid's and drank away the hour until it was time to watch some sandwiches being eaten.

Around 1:30, we went to the contest stage and found ourselves a nice place on the grass, right in front. The Pulled Pork Sandwich eating contest started on time at 2:00, and the contestants were announced on stage.
A few highlights/things I remember from the introductions:
-The only woman in the contest was a local lady(I was sad to see that Juliet Lee did not make it to Myrtle Beach) and the emcee said the exact same thing he said about Jamie when she did the MB Nathan's Qualifier (the whole "As God is my witness" Gone With The Wind speech thing)
-The song played as Pat Bertoletti came onstage was The Marshall Tucker Band's song Can't You See. I love that damn song.

The contest was 10 minutes long, which surprised me, as I assumed it would just be 8. For a while, Humble Bob seemed to be in the lead, but at the end Joey ate the most with 49 pulled pork sandwiches. All of the contestants did really well and it was exciting to get to be there to see it happen. The sandwiches looked pretty tasty; I think if I could eat anything competitively one of my top choices would be pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. Unfortunately, I didn't even eat a single sandwich at the whole festival. Fortunately, on Saturday night, we went out to eat at Hoskin's Restaurant where I did, finally, get to eat a BBQ sandwich...and it was delicious.

The rest of the weekend was filled with sun, beach, syringe-filled jello shots, the crazy horse, lots of food, and even more relaxation; the only thing missing was my little hungrysister, Jamie.
p.s. we are so f-ing excited for Krystal we can hardly stand it!