Friday, March 5, 2010

Beer Club #4

Same seat, different night, different beer!
Theme of the night: get what is on special because it is the end of the month and we don't have a lot of money.

Beer #7: Highland's Black Mountain Bitter-Organic Pale Ale. To my knowledge, I'd never had organic beer until then. At first, I didn't really like it...but it actually grew on me towards the end. It is bitter (hence the name) but for those who dig the organic, I'd recommend it!

Beer #8: Foothills Pilot Mountain Pale Ale. I've had this one before at Foothills, but I got it again tonight for three reasons: it was only $3, we hadn't checked it off of our 'Beer Club' list, AND I just got a new job in Pilot Mountain so I thought this would be an appropriate celebratory beer! Overall a delightful beer, but out of the four Foothills brews I've ever had, it is probably my least favorite (1. Sexual Chocolate, 2. Oktoberfest, 3. Hoppyum IPA, 4. Pilot Mtn Pale Ale). However, I'm pretty excited to try their March seasonal--Foothills Red!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

21 Adventures

Yesterday was the big 21st birthday. Unfortunately school and snow prevented one of those sloppy birthday stories, but it could not have been a nicer day. I woke up to snow snow snow, we had a two hour delay, which later turned into classes being canceled and much excitement on my part. My friends and I planned on going to La Carreta, the local Mexican restaurant we visit regularly and I was able to have my first legal drink. I opted for the special, Dos Equis on draft. It went perfectly with my chicken quesadilla and complimentary chips and salsa.

I also got Flan!! This was my first flan too, I may have been more excited about that than anything.