Sunday, August 29, 2010

We ARE still alive!

Holy crap, it has been a month and a half since we've last posted!  Shame on us.  The end of the summer has been crazy (in a fun way, of course).  Just wanted to stop in and let you know we are, in fact, still alive. 

To hold you over until we post again (which will hopefully be soon and more often):
Carrie (our oldest Hungry Sister)
-has a travel blog:

-has been sporadically posting to the Local Dish Winston-Salem blog:

-only has ONE semester of college left

-Valerie (not a Hungry Sister but might as well be) is currently on a road trip to Virginia/North Carolina!

....& we are ALL FOUR going to a Bluegrass festival next weekend!!!

The end of the summer is now known as our blogging 'off season'...but now that September is almost here, it's time to get to eatin' and bloggin' again.

Thoughts on Krystal:   We're sad (of course) that there is no Krystal Square Off this year.  We have high hopes that the contest will return next year and we'll be able to attend!  Jamie even drove an hour or so to Tennessee a few weeks ago to get her Krystal fix since we won't be getting it this fall :(