Sunday, February 21, 2010

BEER CLUB! part 2

We ordered the same thing each round again...maybe this will be our beer club tradition!?

Beer #4: Brooklyn Brown Ale. Pretty tasty, very smooth, would order it again. Bonus:it was the special for the night so it was a dollar cheaper than the others! I'm thinking a stop at the Brooklyn Brewery next July 4th weekend for a tour/tasting is in order.

Beer #5: Magic Hat #9....'not quite pale ale'. Just okay. I hear people talk about this stuff all of the time & sometimes even see it in the grocery store. It is a little on the sweet/fruity side. Trey really liked it but I probably wouldn't get it again.

Beer #6: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. OMG. If you live anywhere in or around Winston-Salem, you know this beer is a big F-ing deal, so I knew I had to finally taste it during beer club. Foothills, our local brewery, makes it once a year and has a huge release party when they first put it on draft. They also sell it in limited-release bottles and people line up outside for hours to get theirs...and they sell out really quickly--like within a few hours. ahhh it was everything I thought it would be and more. I mean with a name like 'sexual chocolate' how can you go wrong?
Two big thumbs up.

Not in beer club but worth mentioning: Burke St. Pizza garlic knots. Oh lord. After our night of beer sampling, we needed some good greasy food to soak up the booze. Out of all of the foods I've eaten since living in Winston-Salem, I'd have to say that these garlic knots are by far the most delicious thing I've tasted yet. I'm telling you, I have had my fair share of garlic knots and items of the sort, but I have never in my life eaten any so delicious as this (not even in New York). After they take them out of the oven, the pizza makers literally dunk these things in a tub of butter/garlic/parmesan/olive oil while they are still warm. Ohhhhh, it makes me hungry even looking at a picture of them.


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