Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beer Club 6!

This was our first weeknight beer club adventure!  Ok so we intended on going to Subway on April 15th--tax day, to buy one footlong get one free.  BUT, the Subway near our apartment was so f-ing crowded we didn't want to deal with it.  We made an honest attempt to go to the Subway downtown, but it was closed.
Lucky for us :) the Mellow Mushroom is about a block from Subway.  Plan B: Thursday Night Beer Club!

Beer #12: Sweetwater 420. 
Hi Mr. Waiter, I'll have a workin' man's beer, please, because I'm still in my work clothes. 
I'd never had Sweetwater 420 before and it was DEEE-Lightful!

Beer 13: Sweetwater IPA
Sweetwater is the 'brewery of the month' at the Winston-Salem Mellow Mushroom so their beers were cheap(er)!  Out of the two, I liked the 420 & Trey preferred the IPA.

Beer #14: Sam Adams Seasonal (Noble Pils )...and this is what I look like after work...BUT the beer was fresh and tasty.

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