Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yes, we have been busy and school and work has slowly consumed almost every ounce of fun as of late, but rest assured, we are still eating. Lately, it seems I have eaten pizza almost every day and have yet to tire of it. Everywhere I go, friends and coworkers seem to offer me a slice, or two, or five. Now, I am not a girl to turn down food, ever; so I gladly accepted every savory, delicious slice.

I'm pretty sure it is blog-worthy to describe my pizza experiences as of late.

These are the pizza's I have consumed within the past month, or as many as I can remember:
Little Caesars Pepperoni (free)- This past Saturday I spent seven hours folding never ending piles of men's jeans while being reprimanded by a customer who was unsatisfied by t-shirts that cost $1. As we were about to close, my manager told me that Little Caesar's from the K-Mart adjacent to the mall where I work brought them a free Pizza yesterday as an advertisement. My day was better. I actually may go by K-Mart tomorrow before work and buy a pizza for lunch. Seriously, $5 for a large pizza is a perfect treat.

Mellow Mushroom "Funky Q Chicken" (also free)- At my other job, on campus at UNCA at the Student Health Services, I have gotten a lot of free pizza this month. One of my coworkers brought in leftovers on a few occasions, and since I am the only student who works there, they feel sorry for me and give me food and buy me coffee a lot. Bless them. This pizza was particularly delightful. It had bbq chicken, cheddar cheese, carmalized onions and bacon; need I say more?

Pizza Hut (FREE!)- From the same job, a few weeks later, the same coworker brought leftover pizza from pizza hut. I had one slice of cheese with thick crust (pan, if my pizza hut crust knowledge serves me right) and a slice of thin crust that had meat and onions. I don't remember the exact on the meats, but I do remember bacon, and pepperoni. Pizza hut never fails me.

Papa Johns (free, thanks to Lindsey)- Last week, I had gotten the movie Shag in from Netflix. It is about four girls in the 1960s who had just graduated high school in Spartenburg, South Carolina and they go on a trip to Myrtle Beach. This movie is a requirement to watch for anyone who has ever been to Myrtle Beach, so I was shocked when I asked my friend, Lindsey if she had ever seen it. Anyway, she told me that she had ordered a pizza and needed help eating it (and do I ever say no to helping anyone eat anything?) so I brought the movie and we ate a quite peculiar pizza, but tasty nonethelsess. See, she does not eat cheese, so she ordered a thin crust, mushroom pizza sans the cheese from Papa Johns. I must say, Papa Johns has tasty sauce.

Papa Johns (I paid for this one)-So, apparantly with the first order you make online for Papa Johns, you get a free medium cheese pizza! So technically, I still got something for free with this experience too.... free is so fun. Anyway, since I knew I was getting a free cheese pizza, I had to order something that would put my order over ten dollars. I opted for a small, specialty pizza: Spinach Alfredo Deluxe. Not bad at all.

Papa Johns... again (and free, again)- My roommate ordered pizza the other night with his girlfriend. He told me I could have some. I ate a slice of pizza but I don't even remember what kind it was because I was mainly focused on the breadsticks. They were DELICIOUS and garlicky and buttery. He left the next morning to go to Maryland, and the pizza stayed out on the kitchen counter all day. I knew the pizza and breadsticks would just have to be thrown away if I didn't act fast; hello breakfast AND lunch!

I plan on reporting back about other places in Asheville that have pizza that is way better than these fast chains. There are a lot. I have eaten at most of them, and will eat at these places very soon, I'm sure. Stay tuned, Stay Hungry!



beautifulbrian said...

D'fara pizza in Brooklyn Ny is said to be the best pizza on the planet. Some of the competitive eaters have traveled miles just for a taste. You might have to wait an hour to get a pie depending on how busy they are. It is well worth the wait. When you are in town again let me know. Checi it out

HungrySisters said...

Yummmmm! We hope to be back in NY for the 4th again this year, we will have to check it out!