Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jamie's Krystal Summary.

Sadie gave a wonderful review of the events of the weekend, but after looking at Valerie's Pictures, I was inspired to give my thoughts. I read the previous post right after it was posted, so this will probably sound almost exactly the same.

So I woke up bright and early, before my alarm went off at 5am on Saturday morning. Sadie was already on the road and I anxiously packed way too many warm weather clothes and tried to kill time waiting on her. Sadie got to Asheville to pick me up, and we were off on I-40, but not without stopping for an egg and cheese biscuit on the way from Bojangles. I don't need to go into how delicious it was because we have only discussed it a million times on this blog and every day of our lives.

We got to Chattanooga amidst a downpour and road construction and ate our first Krystal in a very long time. I opted for the crispy onions on my Krystal and that was quite possibly the best slider I have ever eaten in my entire life.

I'm going to skip on to the fun things. At 6pm on Saturday night we went to the Krystal Square Off Reception and ate delicious pineapple and spinach dip with pita bread. They revealed the eater's jerseys which I thought looked very sharp. It was interesting to be behind the scenes, being a Business student, I was particularly impressed by the marketing strategies that Krystal has obviously mastered and I'm very curious to how they fit such an expensive event into their budget! (and that was my "business woman's special.")

Anyway, after the reception, we followed in a convoy to a Krystal where we could eat anything we so chose. I got the oreo caramel milkquake. It was delicious. We also kept getting sweet bites shoved in our faces and could not deny those tasty balls of fried dough. Sadie and I both thought our stomachs were going to explode when we got back to the hotel Saturday night. I tried on my Krystal Counter shirt and got alittle nervous because my stomach was so full, it almost didn't fit! Luckily, a night's sleep will always shrink my food-baby down to normal.

I'm going to skip on to the contest...

After looking at Val's pictures, and watching the replay later on Sunday, it has finally set in that I have finally been at a eating competition where Kobayashi won! After these past few years of our ventures into the world of competitive eating, we finally see the man who sparked our interest years ago dominate it almost brings a tear to my eye. He is back. 2010 should be a very interesting year in the CE world.

It was fun to be a counter, but I do kind of wish I could have seen the comeback as an onlooker.

Okay, you can read anything else about our trip in the post below here. I still have not completely caught up on my rest from the weekend and I'm back in the real world of waking up early for school and work and homework and no more fun in a land where it is over an hour drive to the next Krystal!


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Val said...

It was great to see you both!