Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello World! We have been out of commission as of recent--but fear not, we have not dissappeared forever.

A few quick updates:
-Jamie has started her third year of college; being a full-time student, is working 3 jobs (at the student health center, at the mall, and at a costume shop)
-Sadie is teaching high school full time, taking two graduate classes, and is in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer.
-Both of us are trying to find the time for sleep, a social life, and sanity.

We are, however, very excited to be taking a few days off of life next weekend to again make the drive to Chattanooga for Krystal Square Off (how could we miss it!??!??). Holy crap, we cannot believe it is next weekend! Where has the time gone?

Keeping up with our yearly tradition (well, it is only the second year we've done this, but who's counting?) we have for you our top reasons to be excited for the KSO this year:
-Obviously the new rules: No dunking!?!? The contest will be very exciting and tense this year
-Our new driving route: Instead of taking the interstate the whole way from North Carolina to Chattanooga, we are going to drive through the curvy mountain roads. The distance is shorter!
-Krystal Blitz/Big Angus Burgers: We're ready to taste some new Krystal products
-Rock City: Seeing as it will be the third consecutive year of being at the KSO, we want to do some "Chattanooga-ish" things. We both have been to Rock City, but it has been like 10+ years. We want to go back and see Fat Man's Squeeze and Lover's Leap.
-The City Cafe: Sticking to our pre-KSO breakfast at the City Cafe, we are CRAVING chocolate chip pancakes.
-Two Hungry Bunnettes??: You'll just have to tune in on Sports South next Sunday to see :)

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