Sunday, September 20, 2009

Predictions and a picture.

After much deliberation, we have decided on our predictions for the 2009 Krystal Square Off:
1. Joey
2. Humble Bob
3. Pat B.
4. Kobayashi
5. Sonya
6. Hall
7. Eater X
8. Gravy
9. Erik
10. Badlands
11. Buffalo Jim

We really don't know how the numbers for Joey and Kobayashi will compare since they didn't have to qualify without dunking, so we didn't predict the amount of Krystal Points...just the rankings. After Humble Bob's performance this weekend in burritos and grits, how could we not put him (almost) at the top? We have high hopes for him again this year at Krystal. We also have a gut feeling Pat might have an edge over Kobayashi this year. As the qualifiers have shown X, Hall, Sonya, and Tim B. will probably have close totals but Sonya will prevail. To come to this decision, we thought about qualifier totals, access to Krystals for practice, and overall non-dunking performances. We'll see next week how close our predictions were. What do you think will happen next Sunday?
--Sadie and Jamie

In other news:
In honor of his victory today, a picture from last year...

So are we shaking hands? doing a low-high five? Who knows, but it was exciting to see my picture on the KSO blog on Friday.--Sadie

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