Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ultimate Summer Lunch: Tomato Sandwich

Nothing says summer like a Tomato Sandwich: 1 sliced home grown tomato, one tablespoon Duke's Mayonnaise, ground black pepper on whole wheat bread.
....with Cheetos and a homemade peanut butter rice krispy treat on the side.


beautifulbrian said...

I gave you lovely ladies a plug on my site. You really go out of your way to make eating a whole lot of fun. Jim's steakhouse in Buffalo is real good. The cheesestakes are gigantic. During the buffalo wingfest we usually head over there for a good sandwich. If i knew that you were in baltimore last month, i would have recommended a great breakfast joint called Blue Moon Cafe. They are known for captain crunch pancakes and other mouth watering delights.

PatrickBertoletti said...

I used to eat those sandwiches growing up, I thought I was wierd for eating them. They are great with dried oregano or with sweet baby rays bbq sauce on them.

HungrySisters said...

Yum! We love Sweet Baby Rays!