Wednesday, July 29, 2009


KSO VI Announced the new rules for 2009. Big move by Krystal, and I'm excited. No dunking? Seriously?! This is going to be interesting, in a good way. All I keep thinking about is the funnel cake eating contest when Ryan Nerz briefly announced that dunking would not be allowed; talk about terrified competitive eaters! Maybe it was because they were not prepared, in which case Krystal has given ample time for preparation but still, this is huge! Also, they have implemented another twist that I am almost positive was inspired by Super Mario Brothers. Each eater will have five of Krystal's new Angus Big Burgers. These burger are the equivalent of five average Krystals, and the eaters will be able to eat these at any point in the contest in order to boost up their count. All I have to say about that, is that Krystal will need some very good Bunnettes for this change, and I think Sadie and myself are perfect candidates (cough!cough!).

I'm excited. Krystal, you never disappoint and I am way excited for the trip to Chatty!


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