Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3: Philly

We left Baltimore around 9 and headed towards Philadelphia. Our first major stop once in Philly was to settle the great cheesesteak debate: Geno's vs Pat's. We plugged the address into the GPS and it took us directly to the intersection of artery-clogging heaven. We decided to try Pat's first. We sent Carrie to order our "Cheese Wit" because Jamie and I were too intimidated.

We'd seen the TV shows about how to order sandwiches at these places and were afraid we'd mess up. Anyway, the sandwich was delicious. Cheez Whiz may or may not be real cheese but it sure does make a sandwich delicious.

After Pat's we walked over to Geno's. By this point, I was over my fear of ordering and got our sandwich. This time we got a cheesesteak with onions and provolone. Once again, we were not disappointed with our sandwich choice.

So, which is better according to the HungrySisters--Geno's or Pat's? We couldn't come to a unanimous decision, but here is what we did decide:
-All three of us thought that the bread at Geno's was far superior to Pat's
-Sadie: Liked the chopped meat at Pat's and preferred Cheez Whiz to provolone
-Carrie: Liked the sliced meat at Geno's and preferred provolone cheese
-Jamie: Liked it all

With our bellies full of steak & cheese, we set off. We did all of the American touristy things: saw the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin's grave, Carpenter's Hall, and went to Reading Terminal Market. We literally could have spent all day in the market sampling the different foods. We will definitely be back to visit! It was awesome! We were still full from our sandwiches earlier so we just had a snack in the market at Famous 4th Street Cookies. I had a pecan chocolate chip cookie, Carrie had an original chocolate chip cookie, and Jamie got chocolate chip dipped in chocolate icing. The cookies were amazing; they look like they will be hard and crunchy on the outside but they are deliciously dense and chewy on the inside.

After many miles of walking and sight seeing, we met our friend/Philly hostess Amanda who took us to a bar participating in Center City Sips--a Wednesday night happy hour program in Philadelphia. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but I do know that they had $2 Yuenglings and 1/2 price nacho supreme appetizers, an excellent way to end a long day of touring Philly.

We headed back to Amanda's place and fell asleep pretty early again which seemed to be an on-going yet very necessary theme of our trip.

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