Monday, July 6, 2009

American Road Trip: Night 1/Day 2

Recap of the beginning of our trip

Monday Night, Night 1:
-Made lasagna for Carrie and Jamie so we wouldn't have to stop and eat on the way
-Left Winston-Salem, North Carolina around 6:00
-Arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia around 9:15
-Stayed with high school friends Matt and Kristina. Watched the Golden Girls until Midnight.

Tuesday Morning, Day 2:
-Woke up to a delicious breakfast cooked by Matt

-Parted ways with our first hosts around 9am.
-Stopped at the Prince Michael Winery in Virginia for a free tour and wine tasting at 10:30am.
-Drove into Baltimore

Tuesday Afternoon:
-Stopped at Charm City Cakes in hopes to catch a peak at the Ace of Cakes but did not succeed. It was exciting to see the building, anyway.

-Checked into the Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel around 2:00. Carrie found a sweet deal on Travelzoo for a plaza level room which included a free cocktail hors d'oeuvre reception.
-By this point we were starving so we headed down to the Inner Harbor and enjoyed a delicious crab cake sandwich.

-The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around Baltimore admiring the city. It started raining so we took advantage of relaxing in our awesome hotel room.

Tuesday Night
-Around 9:00 we got hungry again so we tried to venture outside of the hotel for some food but ended up just walking around the block and back inside. It was still raining a little and some sketchy people were outside of our hotel so we just went back inside to the hotel restaurant.
-An annoying drunk tourist man at the hotel restaurant kept trying to come sit with us and would not leave us alone. Our waiter asked him to leave us alone and then the guy started to verbally abuse the waiter. The guy got kicked out. Thanks Christoper at the Lord Baltimore Radisson for defending our honor!
-Went to sleep around 10:00.

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