Sunday, August 9, 2009

sad picture.

I know we have discuessed this time and again. but I'm really wanting some Krystal and have no place to go!



HungrySisters said...

you could make the journey to Johnson City TN or Greenville SC. I think Greenville has a Krystal a drive in--kinda like sonic but better I'm sure! BTW we need to hit up the Krystal Drive In in Chattanooga


Anonymous said...

Before the Atlanta qualifier last year a woman came up to me and asked where she can find a white castle restaurant in atlanta or anywhere in the south. Seems that white castle are almost non existant in the south as is krystals in northeast. She claims she hates krystals and would give anything for a white castle burger. Huhhhh?? Go figure

HungrySisters said...

That woman in ATL is crazy. Krystal > White Castle any day.

Anonymous said...

One remaining in Bristol VA which might be the closest to you of all of them