Sunday, March 8, 2009

Steamer Pack Sighting

Today while riding through Hickory, NC a strange thing happened. Going down Highway 70, I noticed a piece of trash floating underneath cars ahead in the distance. As we got closet to this item, I realized it was something familiar to me but something that had no logical reason being in this area. It was an empty Krystal Steamer Pack box. With the closest Krystal being about 50 miles away in Gaffney, SC, why in the world would this mysterious piece of trash be in Hickory? Is there a mystery Krystal somewhere closer that I don't know about? Is there a location in North Carolina not listed on the website? I would expect to see McDonalds bags or cups from Cookout, but a Krystal box!?!? I've never been so baffled yet teased by someone's trash.

It is a mystery.


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