Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Favorite Foods #4: BOJANGLES

Based right down the road in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bojangles is a force to be reckoned with in the fast food world. I think I speak for both Jamie and myself when I say that Bojangles is the best fast food restaurant. EVER. I find myself visiting this establishment nearly once a week.

Bojangles is known for its homemade biscuits, cajun spiced chicken items, sweet tea, and the array of fixins' (cajun pintos, mac & cheese, dirty rice, seasoned fries, etc). One of the best things about Bojangles is that it serves breakfast all day long!

I usually get the Chicken Supreme Kids Meal which contains 2 chicken supremes, 1 biscuit, small order of fries and a sweet tea. I like this because it is just the right amount of food and it satisfies my Bojangles craving for under $4. The unique honey mustard sauce here is also the most perfect condiment ever created. The sweet biscuits (cinnamon biscuit and bo-berry biscuit) are also worth mentioning. I mean just imagine a homemade buttery biscuit filled with cinnamon and topped with a sweet is pure heaven.

If you have never eaten food from Bojangles you truly haven't lived. Although food from Bojangles can be enjoyed at any time, it is most delicious when craving real southern comfort food and/or the morning after a long night of partying.

God Bless Bojangles and God Bless living in the South! I don't think I could ever move out of North Carolina for the sole fact that I couldn't imagine a life without Bojangles right around the corner.

Also, we'd like to wish Takeru Kobayashi a Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

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Bojangles' said...

Thanks for the shout out. We appreciate it.