Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love this:

via Facebook update from Ben and Jerry's:

A pint is still a pint!
From Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
Today at 8:48pm
One of our competitors (think funny sounding European name) recently announced they will be downsizing their pints from 16 to 14 ounces to cover increased ingredient and manufacturing costs and help improve their bottom line. At Ben & Jerry's we think downsizing pints is downright wrong. We understand that in today's hard economic times businesses are feeling the pinch. We also understand that many of you are also feeling the same, and think now more than ever you deserve your full pint of ice cream. We are even more committed today to lead with our values through the quality of our ingredients and how we source them to make the best ice cream possible. So, while our competitor may be experiencing a bit of shrinkage, rest assured that your Ben & Jerry's will still be standing tall in the freezer.

Ben & Jerry's is dedicated to making the best ice cream and giving our consumers full value in every spoonful!

Enjoy and Thanks, from all of us at Ben & Jerry's!

Ben and Jerry's is the best. Hands down. Bottom Line.



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man you need to come visit me sometime during your spring break, there is a B&J's like 15 minutes down the road!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chocolate therapy!