Monday, April 14, 2008

Its official. I, Jamie have entered to compete in either the Myrtle Beach or Atlanta Nathan's qualifier on June 21st. If I will actually get to compete or not, we will soon find out. Regardless, I will most definately be at one of the qualifiers, cheering on whomever may be there, and hopefully partaking in some free Nathan's hot dogs (if the qualifier is anything like KSO, with loads of leftover sliders). Sadly, I will not be in North Carolina on the date of the Charlotte qualifier but Sadie will be there in all the hot dog glory to witness the special occasion.

Anyway, even if I am unable to compete in a qualifier, I'm going to start training (aka... I just need to get in shape and drop a few pounds) and maybe try a practice run or two on some Nathan's. I have doubts in my ability to make it to the big table, but you have to start somewhere!

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Anonymous said...

we should start your training by hitting up Krystal in Asheville on Friday!!!