Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Madness!

Yeah, we have really been slacking our updating as of the new year. It is difficult when there hasn't been many eating events of 2008 thus far, in addition to the sad fact that we are girls and swimsuit season is quickly approaching. Despite lack of actual competitions and amazing food, March has been a great month for competitive eating: Birthdays, and St. Patrick's day. According to EatFeats.com, Kobayashi, El Toro and "Beautiful" Brian are all March babies in addition to yours truly, Jamie, Dr. Seuss, and our former dog, Lucky.

Aside from birthdays, I'm sure everyone had a delightful St. Patrick's Day. For the occasion, the school cafeteria served corn beef and cabbage as a choice for lunch; decent for cafeteria food.

Yesterday, during an exceptionally boring microeconomics class, I turned through the pages of my text book and was delighted in my discovery in chapter 8, on "Utility" that there was a small picture on the right side of the Tsunami himself, Takeru Kobayashi and Badlands Booker standing side by side at Nathan's on the fourth of July. It was there to demonstrate Utility: the relative satisfaction from the consumption of goods, and under the picture it said something in the manner of "in some cases, such as an eating competition, the utility is 0" meaning that there isn't satisfaction or desirability from eating a large number of food in a short amount of time (or so I understood), in which case, I beg to differ. Although competitve eaters may feel like total vomit after eating 20+ hot dogs in 12 minutes, the satisfaction of being at Nathan's and competing for the mustard belt is desireable enough to outweigh the possible disgusting feeling of a stomach full of hot dogs.

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