Sunday, August 24, 2008

I really love how Krystal puts so much detail and emphasis to the Krystal Square Off and the qualifiers preceding them. I just read the article about Humble Bob's qualifier, and was pleased to seethe full results of the qualifier, professionals or not. Although Nathan's will always be the biggest, Krystal will always have my heart. I am beyond excited for KSO V, however, I doubt I will be attempting a qualifier this time. I have a very difficult time imagining dunking a full Krystal Burger in to a liquid. Dunking a bun is one thing, but dunking bun, meat, onions, mustard and whatever else goes on those delicious little sliders is just something I could not bring myself to do. Its a shame that I can't even remember what is on a Krystal since the only establishment left in North Carolina (which happens to be where I live, Asheville) closed this summer. It has been far too long since I've enjoyed the tiny food. I will just have to gorge myself the weekend of KSO V to last for another year.

Although there is no Krystal, there is a Dairy Queen. I made the venture to DQ today with my gift card in hand. I swayed from my usual Chocolate Extreme (or some other chocolate filled blizzard) and opted for the small, chocolate dipped cone with chocolate ice cream and it was divine.

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HungrySisters said...

love that chocolate-chocolate dipped cone!!

We went to Bruster's ice cream the other day and not only do they have delicious HOMEMADE scooped ice cream, they also have Nathan's dogs!!