Friday, November 30, 2007

Southern Nectar of the Gods

Being from the south has its definite advantages. Southern hospitality is all around and you can usually find a Bojangels in every town. But there is one major, thing that sets the south apart from all other regions of the country. That, my friends, is Sundrop. Sundrop is a true refreshment; a drink for the working man (or woman).

I have never been a huge soft drink drinker, and Sundrop is possibly one of the most unhealthy things one could put in his or her body. But...there is just something about this crispy citrus drink that can turn a bad day into a slightly decent one.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that one can only buy bottles of these delicious treats in certain areas of the country. Maybe the caffene content is so high that it can put a person in a drunken euphoria. Maybe it's because of the pure fact that I can walk down to the lounge during my planning period, pay 75 cents for 20 fluid ounces of delicious poision that will probably rot my insides, yet still enjoy it all at the same time. Who knows? From the first cold sip to the last drop of backwashed spit, my daily Diet Sundrop during my planning period generally makes my day a little brighter.

So, as I sit here in this cold classroom and waste my precious planning period away, I want to say Thank You to the Sundrop company. Thank you for being you.

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